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A flexible working culture means “never having to say you’re sorry”

Whenever I am invited by an organization to speak at a Diversity conference or event, I am often asked to address work-life balance and flexible working, presumably because tech firms ought to know a thing or two about flexible working. To which I … Continue reading

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This is my office – in an ice-cream place somewhere in Singapore

Yesterday, I had a business meeting with some folks from an NGO looking for my company to sponsor one of their events. I had offered to meet the person at a mall in the west as it was near where she worked (she was … Continue reading

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What I did on Friday moring during “office hours” v 2.0

Similar to the last time when I wrote a similarly-titled post, my story starts a day before. On Thursday evening, Erica came up to me and asked, “Mummy, are you coming to school tomorrow for the IJ Olympics to support me?”, … Continue reading

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Those we have left behind

It’s International Women’s Day today and whilst we celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of women at work and at home and the progress we have made in gender equality and reflect on how much more we have to do, I … Continue reading

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The CO2 Surcharge on a Tesla Model S is not an Abatement Cost

I have been following the story of Joe Nguyen and his (mis)adventures trying to bring in Singapore’s first Tesla electric car with some interest. Poor guy had to jump through so many hoops, got passed around and back and fro … Continue reading

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Which superhero has a growth mindset?

Edwin and I are preparing a session to talk about Growth Mindset with some of our MACHs (Microsoft Academy of College Hires) at the end of March. MACHs are Microsoft’s equivalent of fresh graduates from university bachelor or master programs, so you are … Continue reading

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Thank you Uncle Heikel and Auntie Helen

The Olio Bites Cafe at Level 21 within the Microsoft offices at One Marina Boulevard closed on Feb 29 to make way for renovations and a new operator moving in in a few weeks’ time. Occupying pride of place on the wall next to the cashier counter … Continue reading

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You’d think I would know if it is an emergency even if I have earphones plugged in

I have taken lots of flights in the past 20 years for work and pleasure and so pretty much know the safety drill inside out for take off and landing. Seat upright, tray table stowed? Check! Bags securely stowed in the overhead compartment or … Continue reading

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