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Like the woman at the well

Last night, I slept in a bunk bed – the first time in 27 years, sharing a dormitory with 9 other women, living a simpler communal existence focusing on the spiritual. I am attending the Conversion Experience Retreat #56 at the Catholic … Continue reading

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Seriously, why is the internet obsessed with Wonder Woman’s armpits?

So I read today that the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie was released and amidst all the action of Diana Prince kicking butt, folks on the internet appear to have fixated on the Amazonian’s armpits and questioned how she could possibly have … Continue reading

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A false sense of connection

A few weeks ago, I recall being shocked that there were women who were getting 2 hours of sleep a day because they were so busy responding to emails at work. Kai, who was facilitating a workshop for us where this admission came … Continue reading

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ATM = Always Trust Magic

ATM = Always Trust Magic. Pay attention to those magnificent moments where purpose and random happenstance seem to intersect. ~ Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Magic happened today. A few days ago, a parent of one of the kids I am a … Continue reading

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Little sprouts of faith

We ended the Sec 3 retreat for the kids in my church on Sunday. 4 days of a stay-in retreat with 100+ highly energetic 15 year olds. Somehow, “retreat” and “energetic teenagers” seem like an oxymoron. So that was what I did … Continue reading

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With 6605 days left, why am I celebrating Lent?

6605 days isn’t a small number, that is at least 18 years with a few weeks left over. That this is a finite number ticking down 1 day at a time can be sobering though. And interestingly, 6605 days seems a lot less … Continue reading

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I’ve finally done it, not once but twice over. I got tattooed.

I’d been thinking about it now for a few years, but somehow never even got close enough to a tattoo palour to smell a whiff of the ink in the air or to hear the buzz of the tattoo pen. … Continue reading

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6607 days left: My bucket list

Yesterday in my blog post, I talked about how I estimated that I would have 6608 days left to live, assuming I live to the age of 60 and how I planned to make more and deeper footprints. Continuing on … Continue reading

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6608 days till the day i die…so what am i going to do about it?

Yesterday, Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away and the world lost a lover. She wrote beautiful children books and gave the world a generous heaping of food for thought in her films, social experiments and TED talks. And she wrote the most beautiful … Continue reading

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Moments like these make it all worthwhile.

I sometimes get angry or tired or angry and tired at my girls. They can be such a drainer on energy and patience at times. But then, once every so often, I get blessed (maybe blasted!)with a simple moment of pure … Continue reading

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