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Remembering Jeremy

Yesterday, my soulmate, friend and father of my children died. He was 43 years old and just 2 weeks shy of his birthday. I have known him for 24 of those years, 7 dating, 12 married, 5 divorced. I would … Continue reading

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Singaporean students are some of the smartest and also some of the most bullied in the world

Singapore has the dubious honour of having the 3rd highest rate of bullying among students in the world, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with Latvia and New Zealand coming in 1st and … Continue reading

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Are you asking if I am a lesbian?

Since we are on the topic of parenting (given my last post), I thought I would share an important conversation I personally feel parents should be able to have with their kids. Many of us unfortunately do not have either … Continue reading

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My Parenting Northstar: Juno (and no, I am not referring to a celestial object)

I sometimes get asked by folks who find out that I am a parent 4 kids if I have any parenting principles (the answer is yes, sort of) and what would be my recommended reading list of parenting guides or … Continue reading

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Sunrise Running in Copenhagen

5:00 a.m. / Friday August 4 / 17°C / Copenhagen: Running. Yes, running. Before that, let me set some additional context: I was on a short whistle-stop holiday to attend a friend’s wedding in Copenhagen. Having arrived in the morning just … Continue reading

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I missed the floor I was to get off on today because of an NTUC love story (or: a toast to the constants in our lives)

I am borderline claustrophobic (and yet I love diving). I hate elevators, especially crowded ones. Since the building where my office is located started renovations a few months back, I have avoided going into the office like the plague, working … Continue reading

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