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My resolution in 2018: a shopping moratorium

I came across an article in the NY times yesterday titled: My Year of No Shopping. In the octave of Christmas, as I spent the week reflecting on the year that is almost gone and the pregnant promise of a … Continue reading

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A Monopoly of a holiday

In December, if you were in London and came across some Chinese kids standing under road signages having their pictures taken with no apparent tourist attractions in sight, that might have been us. At our family holiday in the UK … Continue reading

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6318 days left … how am I doing on my living list

290 days since I took stock of how many days I have left till I turn 60. 289 since I published my “bucket list”. Actually a more apt name for that list might be “my living list”, considering my focus … Continue reading

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My “the Suitcase must Die” year – I am so glad 2017 is almost over.

In November, when I was reviewing the best suitcase to buy to replace one that I had to throw away, I came across this review where suitcases were tested to destruction. In their “ultimate Suitcase Must Die: Tough Test”, they … Continue reading

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The journey to my first 42.195km

December 3 2017. 10:38 am. I crossed the finish line, completing my first marathon, 5 hours 48 minutes after I started the longest run of my life. Family and friends applauded the accomplishment with many asking me what’s next (the … Continue reading

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