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Interesting fact: Dragonflies have been known to migrate to follow or find needed resources or in response to changes in their environment, with one species flying up to an insect world record 11,000 miles between India and Africa on the … Continue reading

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To shop or not to shop…

Towards the end of 2017, I’d set up a moratorium on shopping, temporarily banning myself from buying anything considered a luxury rather than a necessity for the entire year of 2018. Now almost 6 months into the moratorium, it’s been an … Continue reading

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When we know we’ve got it right

Children don’t come with operating manuals, how often have we heard that? I often wonder if I have gotten it right in how I love, guide and discipline my children. And the worry that one would only really know the … Continue reading

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Doing this for 5 minutes everyday could make a difference to your life (and this is not a spam mail)

And I am not talking about a new diet, supplements or exercise regime. 3 weeks ago, at my team’s off-site meeting, we each received a gift – The Five Minute Journal. Normally, I would politely receive such a gift, privately … Continue reading

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