My second first day: A palpable buzz

My second first day at work dawned beautifully sunny and hot. J decided to drive me in to work and be part mins my first few steps into a new company. The bubble that was the car insulated and protected me for a while longer….

I arrived early at 8 am and the Central Business District was still a little quiet and sleepy. Within 20 mins, the entire place work up and there was a buzz of people and activity. Quite different from the River Valley area where I used to work. There, people walked a little slower and drank breakfast coffees a little slower. The queues were a lot shorter…the tempo was more relaxed and laid back. Here, just 10 minutes drive away from my old workplace, people march to a different tune, quicker and more unrelenting. Hesitate at at the front of the queue for coffee and the cashier growls at you while the people behind you start to get impatient that you are throwing them off their rhythm, kind of like that Visa “Paywave” ad where guy who pays cash throws everyone in the slick lunch machinery off…(Visa Paywave TVC)

As the minutes ticked closer to 9 am, I am finally starting to feel a lot more excited and nervous about starting a new day in a new company. I was relatively calm and probably almost a little cavalier about this new first day up till J dropped me off at the foot of the building. Guess it only really hits you when you at the doorsteps of change. Only way to get the feeling out of your system? Quit sitting around, stand up and start walking into the new…

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