Employees working in tech don’t always get the best tech

People tend to think (rather assume) that employees of technology companies will naturally have fantastic IT at the workplace. Well to some extent, that is true, in the sense that they do get exposed often to their companies’ latest products and software…but in another sense it cannot be further from the truth…

First, hardware. People often think that we would get the new products first. Wrong. Companies worth their salt would put customers first, so the employees would only get their hands on the latest tech toys after the early innovators’ demands have been met. If the product is “hot”, that wait could be quite long. If the product is a dud, then the employees get it faster but probably wouldn’t want to be seen with it on the streets…

Second, software and work environment. Employees are a second level of wider testing/guinea pigs for the software that have been launched. The first ones to try the brand new software and hit all the bugs, so that the paying customers out there get the bug fixes coming more quickly and less disruptively. The other thing is that quite a lot of employees in tech companies are supposed to be techies – definitely the developers and programmers, and even the sales force should know their products. So IT support generally expects employees to be quite tech savvy. So, woe to the people who aren’t. When you are given instructions to set up your computer or when you call expect them to be almost speaking to you in code…and they kinda expect you to get it….

Coming from a company that has a locked down IT environment where you can’t do anything to your laptop and where everything is driven by central IT, now dealing with an environment where you are supposed to do quite a fair bit of self service setting up and trouble shooting in a controlled environment is overwhelming and daunting, to say the least. Not that I was a cave woman regards to IT, I was considered quite a techie in my previous company…this is however a whole new ball game all together, I’m feeling like a small fish swimming among the whales and sharks at the moment.

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