Crazy Dangerous Driver in Singapore

Driving home on Sunday afternoon, we spotted a driver in a blue Honda that had stopped at the traffic light. The driver’s window was wound down and a dog had it’s head out enjoying the sun. 

When the light turned green, guess what? The driver drove off, with the dog still on his lap between him and the steering wheel, with the dog’s head still sticking out of the driver’s window, enjoying the breeze while blocking the wing mirror!

Unbelievable! What a crazy, dangerous and irresponsible driver! I was so shocked, I didn’t manage to whip out my phone to record the episode down. I have nothing against dogs and in fact, I do love them very much. However, this dog owner went too far – compromising road safety for himself, his pet and other road users. I will be keeping my eye out for him as I have a feeling he might live around my neighbourhood. Next time, I will be ready to catch him in action.  

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