Coming down the Mountain as Friends

On Thursday, we ran a leadership simulation workshop with Peak Teams for our APAC Leadership Forum. It was such great satisfaction to see months of planning hard work turn finally into reality with the ballroom at The South Beach buzzing as 250 leaders in the room engaged in deep discussions and had fun.


The South Beach ballroom just before we opened the doors. Doesn’t it feel like we are on Everest base camp?

Ian Schubach and Grant Ashfield were such fantastic facilitators! At the end of discussion around what were the  guiding principles that we were going to have as teams scaling Everest, they shared what were their guiding principles when they go climbing:

  1. SafetyWP_20160218_15_55_13_Pro (2).jpg
  2. Never Leave Anyone Alone
  3. Summit
  4. Come back down the mountain as friends


Wow, I didn’t see that last one coming! And yet if you think about it, how many friendships have been destroyed in stressful, challenging conditions? This left a really deep impression on my and I have adopted it as one of my guiding principles.

Well, the universe decided to put my commitment to this principle to the test pretty quickly – 6 hours later to be specific. Joining a team call later in the night, I got really frustrated as the meeting agenda shifted and it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back after weeks of late meetings, inefficient processes and what I felt like was us doing business with ourselves in the team rather than creating impact outside the team. I sent my manager and my skip level a rather blunt e-mail about what I was feeling and perceiving.

My skip level is an amazing person and whilst I know my e-mail was blunt, I also knew that she had such ownership and accountability, she would likely take it pointing inwards to herself rather than pointing outwards to me. And I was right. And I did not want her to do that as it was not all on her, so I skyped her  last night to talk about it and we had a great conversation. I ended our dialogue explaining that I wanted to come down the mountain as friends. And a big smile broke across her face and she said we have come down the mountains as friends. That moment will forever be a beautiful and defining memory for me of our friendship.

So thank you Ian and Grant for the impact you have had, especially on a very important friendship for me.


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