A tribute to the village of women who supported me and lifted me up

It had been a roller coaster ride of 4 years leaving my ex-husband and pulling through an epic divorce. And on this International Women’s Day, I wish to acknowledge all the wonderful, strong and beautiful women who were there to be my personal role models, cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on, assuring hug givers, and just overall amazing women who believed in me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and everyone of you.

My mom – words cannot express how much she loved me through the entire mess of my divorce and was always there for me no matter what.

My 4 beautiful daughters – for the faith they had in me to bring them safely through stormy waters to sheltered harbors.

My aunt (Amite SQ) – she watched me grow up and was a pillar of strength for my mom and I, especially when I was reading through all those horrible affidavits.

My cousin (Susanna) – who helped baby-sit my kids in the few months immediately after and was their “big sister” at a most difficult time

My domestic helper (Gloria) – who kept me nourished when I didn’t want to eat and who prayed for me.

My lawyer (Carol) – who has a heart of gold and was not just my defender but a steady pair of hands and an objective voice guiding me through all the crazy court hijinks.

My guardians (Shinder and Iesha) – I was blessed with 2 of the most amazing managers in Microsoft who believed in me and never let me go in my deepest darkest hours.

My “evil twin” (Clare) – my biggest cheerleader through it all

My sage (Dana-Leigh) – always had a wise word for me delivered soulfully and calmly with the deepest of care.

My coach and toughest critic (Hsu Yi) – Always with the best of intentions, my source of tough love and my blind spot mirror who kept me running strong.

My anchors (Lai Har, Jessie and Serene(s), Elsie, Patricia, Sally, Minny) – shoulders to cry on, patient listening ears, hands that prayed for me and just all round awesome people keeping me safe, sane and socially connected.

My angel in the darkness (Jolanda) – in the first moments when my world fell apart, for being there in the lonely early morning hours to be with me.

The men (my brothers, CJ, CK, Moses, Mun Dart, Edwin, Robert, Yap) – I know it’s IWD, but hey, I had a few good men who were just as sensitive and strong sources of support throughout and could always be counted upon to be a balanced voice of reason. And a few of them who knocked me out of my comfort zone to rediscover how to live life again!

And of course my thankfulness to God for putting not just these guardian angels on the path along my journey but also many other people who played a role big or small in cheering me on and refilling my cup to overflowing with God’s grace.


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2 Responses to A tribute to the village of women who supported me and lifted me up

  1. Lai Har says:

    Shoon – it was equally an honor to be able to provide some support in your time of need, as you yourself have also been an anchor and role model to many (women & men alike) with your amazing capabilities & capacity for both hard & soft, care & compassion for all whose lives you have touched.
    Soldier on with your head held high, live your life to the fullest for you so deserve A happy life with your loved ones, Mom, Aunt, daughters, relatives, friends, colleagues ……
    Glad to see you back on track – lively & loving life’s roller coaster adventures !
    Have a Blast !!

  2. Iesha B says:

    Shoon, what an awesome tribute to your village!

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