6607 days left: My bucket list

Yesterday in my blog post, I talked about how I estimated that I would have 6608 days left to live, assuming I live to the age of 60 and how I planned to make more and deeper footprints. Continuing on that frame, today with 6607 days left, here is my bucket list:

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Publish a book
  3. Publish a cookbook
  4. Take a powerboat license
  5. Learn to speak basic Spanish, Portuguese, French, Cantonese and Japanese
  6. Learn sign language
  7. Log 1,000 dives
  8. Spot a whale shark while diving
  9. Swim with manta rays
  10. Swim with barracudas
  11. Swim with dolphins in the open ocean
  12. Skinny-dip off a boat in the open sea under a full moon
  13. Jump off a plane (strapped tandem to a skydiving instructor)
  14. Get to Mt Everest base camp
  15. Complete a marathon
  16. Kiss someone on top of the Eiffel Tower
  17. Kiss someone on top of the Empire State Building
  18. Travel overnight on the Orient Express
  19. Cruise to Alaska
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. Sleep in an Ice Hotel
  23. Have dinner at an oasis in the desert
  24. Go cross country horse back riding
  25. Samba in Brazil (preferably at Carnival)
  26. Stay overnight in an African safari
  27. Take an RV holiday
  28. Visit all 7 Wonders of the World (3 down 4 to go)
  29. Make a pilgrimage to Lourdes
  30. Make a pilgrimage to the Porziuncola in Assisi
  31. Help build an orphanage
  32. Help build a library
  33. Fall in love (again)
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