Seriously, why is the internet obsessed with Wonder Woman’s armpits?

BBysQGWSo I read today that the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie was released and amidst all the action of Diana Prince kicking butt, folks on the internet appear to have fixated on the Amazonian’s armpits and questioned how she could possibly have time to shave and bleach her armpits whilst she is busy fighting the conflicts of the world.

For crying out loud, if any of them were comic book fans or fans of the original TV series starring Lynda Carter, they would know that Wonder Woman has always been impeccably groomed in her pits. Why can’t a girl save the world and ensure that she is well-groomed at the same time?

Besides, I have never heard the same question asked of Batman, Superman, or Captain America. No one has yet become obsessed with how these male superheroes would have time to keep themselves so boyishly clean shaven whilst saving the world, so why should this question be even directed at a female super hero and take away from her capability to hold her own amongst men?

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