Why you should smile (or better yet, grin) when you go running

This morning, I went for a run with a difference.

Normally when I run, I put on my serious work-out face – sunglasses, no smile, just a determined focus on getting the distance/time done, cut off from the world with my ears plugged into my running playlist.

Today, I was in a deliciously good mood as I started my run. With earphones plugged into peppy Praise & Worship songs and a warm morning sun overhead, a smile kept teasing the corners of my mouth as I started to run. And then I thought “Oh what the heck, might as well go the whole nine yards.” And so I stopped fighting the happy feelings and started grinning happily (probably almost silly-ly) to myself and smiling at everyone as I ran.

Magic happened. The strides got lighter and everything I looked at took on a joyful hue. The guy who was at the park holding the sole of his slipper that had fallen off took on a comedic note. A guy sitting at the edge of the quarry playing his flute took on a happy glow. And pops of joy erupted from complete strangers who burst into a smile or grin in return. Life seems sweeter when you look at it though a rose-tinted smile.

I finished the run drenched in sweat and feeling light and fluffy, my spirit rejuvenated as much as my body. Perhaps the smiling increased by a few folds the adrenaline lift you normally would get from the exercise. Whatever the reason, I highly recommend a smile as the best accessory for your next run.

Always trust magic.


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