My “the Suitcase must Die” year – I am so glad 2017 is almost over.

In November, when I was reviewing the best suitcase to buy to replace one that I had to throw away, I came across this review where suitcases were tested to destruction. In their “ultimate Suitcase Must Die: Tough Test”, they kicked suitcases from a height of 1.5m to the ground (aka the Sparta kick), took a 10-pound sledgehammer to work on each (aka the Hammer Attack), got a 150kg guy to take a walk over the cases (aka The Stomp) and finally, dropped a car onto the already battered cases (aka The Car Drop) which seemed like a test that no suitcase could live to tell the tale.

suitcase must die

As I watched the videos of the case carnage in gleeful laughter, I thought to myself how 2017 felt pretty much similar – a battering year for my girls and I. And now, we stand at the threshold of a new year with just 4 days left of the old year, somewhat battered but still alive and carrying on (incidentally, by the way, some of the suitcases did survived the carnage pretty well). And I am truly grateful to have survived and am glad that the year is almost over.

And whilst 2017 was a battering year, I think it was also a defining year. Cliché as it may sound, I do subscribed to the mantra “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. And I think my girls and I will at some point in our lives look back at 2017 as one of those inflexion points in our lives that has shown us how we can be resilient. I hope that in future battering years (and I can be sure that there will be a few more round the corner), we will look back at this and draw strength from the fact that we have survived and we will continue to be able to survive. And in fact not just survive but thrive.

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