What I did on Friday morning during “office hours”

Well, I actually have to start first with what I did last week on my Thursday morning…

Scrolling through my WhatsApp messages, I spied one from my daughter’s childcare reminding parents that the school will be having Chinese New Year celebrations on the following Friday morning. Dang!!! I had forgotten all about it what with the crazy work schedule of the past few weeks and had allowed a few meetings to sneak into my schedule on that Friday morning even though I had put a block in my calendar.

Looking through my calendar, I realized that I was going to have to reschedule one meeting in an already packed calendar and somehow manage two others that were encroaching at the borders. Eventually, all the mischief got managed and I just needed to actively defend my Friday morning from any further work invasion.

So came Friday morning. I dropped Evie at the childcare and then went off to connect into my morning meeting that was scheduled to end before the school started the celebrations. Sitting at the void-deck, I was hoping and praying that the Lion Dance troupe the school engaged would not be arriving early to ring in the New Year. The Universe cooperated. Then I made reservations for my lunch meeting and informed everyone attending that I might be late and to start without me.

And all that was left was to enjoy the celebrations! I spent 1 precious hour with Evie joining in the celebrations, playing parent-child games and snapping pictures of her singing and dancing. PRICELESS! And all the more special because this will be her last Chinese New Year celebrations in a small school setting. Next year she will be going to Primary school where celebrations are larger and well, parents don’t get involved at the same intimate level.

And that is what I am so thankful for…moments like these. Being able to fit these little moments in without having to apologise and without having to asking for permission. Did I take leave to cover the 1 hour? No. And that is absolutely fine in Microsoft. Freedom essentially to do my work the way I want to – when I want to and where I want to – so long as I get it done.





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