What a great coming out party!

On 11 February, I decided to come out of my social hermitage and to start tweeting/posting/blogging again after a hiatus of 1.5 to 3 years (depending on which social media you were referring to – and people tagging me in their photos was not counted!).

And so I broke my social silence with a tweet that I thought would be lost in the deep space of social media given the number of updates and notifications that everyone seems inundated with on a daily basis – what more in the midst of Chinese New Year when everyone is sending each other greetings and posting pictures of family reunions, friends’ gatherings and all the glorious hot pots, lo-hei etc. that is so much a part of the season.

I was wrong.

The number of “likes” and “comments” I have received over the past few days to that tweet which was reposted on FB has totally taken me by surprise. There were so many affirmative and encouraging comments, it was like everyone has been waiting for me to rejoin the party that is the celebration of life and ready to clap me on the back when I do.


So thank you my dear friends for throwing me the best coming out party ever on social – I am glad to be in such wonderful company and I am glad to be alive and I am glad to be back! Life’s great!

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